History of a collection

Our history began in Cadaques in the 60s. At that time Spain was in full dictatorship and Cadaques became the international cultural center, where artists such as Dalí, Duchamp, Man Ray, Hamilton, Roth, Casamada, and of course, the English architect of American origin Peter Harnden (1913-1971) in collaboration with the Italian architect Lanfranco Bombelli (1921-2008) both dedicated themselves among other things to the architecture, realizing a type of pure and modern construction , An identity seal still in Cadaques. They were the first to provide the homes with metal chimneys, when the concept of chimney was still understood as an element of work and large dimensions. It is here when José Antonio Coderch, inspired by the English chimneys of Mahon, decided to build one in the house he shared with Leopoldo Milá. Seen the result and influenced by Peter Harnden and Lanfranco Bombelli decided to manufacture a model in sheet metal. The commission was made to his friend Leopoldo Milá, who at that time ran the company POLINAX, which originally manufactured exhaust pipes for Ossa and Montesa, a company that also made motorcycle couches. The model of chimney is called CAPILLA, achieving in 1964 the Delta ADI / FAD Award. In 1965 came the models POLO G and POLO P ​​also of Jose Antonio Coderch. In 1965, the model ESPLUGAS by Federico Correa and Alfonso Milá, in 1966 came the fireplace Mod. CLOTUS by Oscar Tusquets and Lluis Clotet. In 1967 came the CENTRAL MODEL by Miguel Milá, in 1974 the model CERDANYA by Leopoldo Milá and the model MM by Miguel Milá, in 1977 the model XEMENEIA by Miguel Milá, which was the Delta ADI / FAD Award. and so on. In 1974 Leopoldo Milà separates from his partner, to found DAE and according to the designers continues with the collection of fireplaces. In 2013 DAE closes and is founded DAE chimneys, which again according to the designers continues with the collection, for later in 2017 start with the new project in interior furniture.


Fireplace Mod. CAPILLA (Gold Delta 1964)
Fireplace Mod. XEMENEIA (Gold Delta 1977)
Clamp Mod. L´EINA  (Silver Delta 1990)
Fireplace Mod. ARTICULARE (Delta 2016 Finalist)

The pride of our hands

DAE has 40 years knowing that the sculptures have to be worked with the hands. We are proud to remain an artisan workshop.