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The fireplace is valued as one of the best alternatives to give a welcoming touch to any environment. Something that a good fireplace company takes into account.

Traditionally, fireplaces had only one purpose, to provide a little warmth to the environment where they were located, but nowadays, apart from providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it also allows for spaces with an elegant style and a touch of modernity.

It is the experts of a fireplace company who can help us to make the fireplace functional and attractive, depending on the space.

DAE, Editora de Diseño, is one of the best fireplace companies in Barcelona, offering you solutions if you want to acquire a modern fireplace for your home or office, as well as the best advice among other things.

Types of fireplaces

You have to know that there are different types of fireplaces:

Pellet chimneys, which are very efficient, but end up becoming boilers.

Gas fireplaces, with a simple operation, do not generate waste and are efficient, but in the end they become simple stoves.

Bioethanol chimneys that use a clean combustion system (not harmful), are portable and therefore do not require a special installation, but it should be noted that they are more aesthetic than efficient.

The electric chimneys, which generate heat, but in the end end end up being just another radiator.

Finally there are wood chimneys, the most demanded because of their great warmth and design and functionality, there are two types:

Closed with glass, very nice but the discomfort of having to clean every time you use the glass is very cumbersome and you lose one of the sensations that most like to hear the crackling of the wood.

The semi-closed chimneys allow us to close the fire through a perforated door, allowing us to contemplate the fire and hear the crackle of the wood, this leads us to be able to have an environment in your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. totally different from the rest. DAE offers different models, Mod. Cadaques 90, Mod. Cerdanya 91, Mod. Irene, Mod. MM, Mod. Ronda, Mod. Caliu, Mod. Cocktail y Mod. Xemeneia.

The open ones are the original wood fireplaces of all life. They remind us of the old farmhouses, where the fire was made on the floor, being the center of attention and meeting of the home, but today we can install them anywhere in a room and enjoy its great warmth and harmony. DAE has several models. Mod. Articulare, Mod. BC, Mod. Beta, Mod. Cadaques, Mod. Capilla, Mod. Central, Mod. Cerdanya, Mod. Clotus, Mod. Colisa, Mod. Esplugas y Mod. Polo.

In DAE we can advise you and give you all the necessary attention to help you choose depending on what you require and what is most suitable for your environment. We are experts in fireplaces and can advise you on the model of fireplace that is best for you to install in your home. In addition, not only do we specialise in selling fireplaces, we also have a wide range of interior furnishings that can be useful and fit in with the style of your fireplace.

Among the variety of services we have are the sale of wood fireplaces, sale of modern fireplaces and sale of metal fireplaces.

We are in charge of offering you the best fireplace according to the type you require, we have different types: central design fireplaces, front design fireplaces, corner design fireplaces and suspended design fireplaces.

We offer an efficient service with a specialized professional staff that is in charge of creating the best fireplaces, with a touch of simplicity, but at the same time with unique and modern designs.

Built with the best materials on the market, 100% quality and originality, and with the best guarantees.

You can contact us through our social networks, our hotline or our website. We have the best offers in custom-made fireplaces. Don’t doubt it, we are among the best chimney companies. Ask us!. ¡Ask us!

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