Muebles de diseño moderno

Modern design furniture

Furniture is the indispensable decoration in the home, and it is necessary not only for utilitarian purposes, but also to give personality to a flat and to generate comfort, as well as to generate a certain feeling of familiarity in any environment.

Modern design furniture is the trend in recent years and DAE has a large number of options that are divided into: carts, decoration, shelves, tables, furniture, coat racks, stools and chairs.

Type of furniture and its best references:

  • Carts: If you need a trolley to move certain files from one place to another in a recurrent way, DAE offers a very limited but interesting catalogue, among which we can appreciate the H20G cart with attractive colours in Light Brown and the two-piece Move cart.


  • Decoration: The decoration section is much simpler and dedicated in the aesthetic and functional part, so any copy is to the taste of their buyers.


  • Shelves: The shelves are another point to take into account when decorating a space. Among the modern furniture, we move away from the typical square shelves to focus on the ovoid and triangular shapes, as the Graphic 3 and Nomada glass shelves for example.


  • Tables: Considered as one of the main centers of attention of a room, not only it has to be practical at the time of using it, but also elegant within the environment. In DAE there are many and multiple forms; some of the most striking are the Nomada classes and the LDV Table.


  • Furniture: In Muebles we find a small ACV in light wood and black colours, giving it an aesthetic touch very similar to that of a post-modernist house but without those formal details of a typical current architect’s or executive’s house.


  • Coat hangers: Coat hanger are a fairly common accessory in the home, they are placed next to the entrance door and although they are in fact very simple and small, they offer a correct aesthetic. At DAE you can find different types of coat racks, ranging from the conservative Hello style to a Germaine style. including the 201 model.


  • Separators: In this section we find good filter dividers that serve as insulators at a good price.


  • Chairs: There are modern chairs, circular and square style, and other simpler ones with a modern and wooden finish. Always taking care of the quality and design, without forgetting the comfort.


  • Stools: The stools are the last thing in the section and bring with them a good use, in different colors and in models Ware and Ware L. Stools that make a good set with multiple elements.


Modern furniture has always been a point of interest for those who want to give a different style to their homes. As good furniture specialists, we must know what exactly goes with our personality and based on that, get a good result, which gives our home that touch of modernity it deserves.   

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