Chimeneas de diseño

Designer fireplaces

Nothing like the welcoming feeling you get when you enter a space with a fireplace. No matter what style this room has, be it traditional, modern, farmhouse, rustic or something completely different, a living room with a fireplace gives us a very cozy feeling. That is why fireplaces are an indispensable element of interior design, both in the past and in the present.

When we talk about design fireplaces, be it traditional, transitional or something in between, it will always bring elegance and distinction to almost any room, as a fireplace has the power to bring everything together and give it that sophisticated feeling that gives it a special and distinguished touch.

Designing a fireplace is an art, and like all art, it is a process that takes place in a deliberate and conscious way, in which all the elements involved in its creation are arranged in space-time so that it can reach the objective for which it was created.


DAE design editor

DAE is a design publisher with a long history that goes back to the 1960, a time when great creative geniuses such as Dalí, Casamada, Duchamp and Roth in Cadaqués still coincided.

Cadaqués is also the place where some houses began to be equipped with metal fireplace, at a time when chimneys were still in use and were considered to be large elements.

DAE, among other things, manufactures and markets a wide variety of interior furniture, and also stands out for its creation of designer metal fireplaces. Its modern design fireplaces have been created with the aim of providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

As this is a wood fireplace design, its metal structure has been designed to emulate a sounding board, where you can maximize the sound of crackling wood.


Types of DAE design fireplaces

According to the model, chimneys can be: 

A corner design fireplace is not only attractive for a home, but also for a business, and can provide a cozy atmosphere and a homely feeling to customers.

DAE not only creates designer metal fireplaces, it also has a range of modern design furniture that can be classified into 9 main categories: decoration, carts, shelves, tables, furniture, coat racks, dividers, stools and chairs.

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