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Design chairs

The modern design chairs 

Chairs are not just a decorative element. They are one of the elements that give more personality and presence to spaces. Apart from their functionality, they are essential in many types of spaces, whether they are for family, work or meetings. In this sense, we talk about comfort and style, where a table is not necessary to complement. Modern design chairs are very different from what the client will be used to seeing, modern design plays with changing the paradigms we have without leaving aside comfort, always based on trends. DAE gives you a different opportunity to try textures and colors in these 3 different designs. 


Which modern design chairs are the best sellers?

The main one, in terms of famous designer chairs available at DAE, is the one called Simply. It has solid beech wood legs, a steel plate seat and an aluminium backrest, which lightens the weight of the chair. As the seat is separated from the backrest, it allows us to combine colours and even to remove the backrest, turning it into a stool as well. It is a very versatile and comfortable design. The perfect combination of functionality and design makes this type of chair one of the most popular. 



The MSB chair is one of the most innovative, with a very careful and elegant design and shape. The modern design chairs in Barcelona in this mode allude to geometric shapes, especially the square, as both the chair and the armrest are in this form, with leather cushions and steel bases, providing comfort along with safety. Its elegance means that it can be used in conference rooms or in homes, all depending on the client’s taste and the combination that the client wants to make.

The latest in terms of modern design chairs is the so-called Parabola, which is very much in fashion at present. They have a steel structure and a handmade string. It can be strung in four colours and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It was redesigned in 2017, in order to find the perfect ergonomics.

DAE and its team always tries to bring you closer to avant-garde designs, so that your home can have all the qualities you dreamed of, without sacrificing what you want for your spaces, without losing functionality.

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