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Corner fireplace

About corner fireplace

If you want to give a modern, cozy and relaxing touch to your living room, a great option is the corner fireplace. We can play with colors and textures, and our experience in fireplaces allows us to give you a wide range of options to work on, added to the knowledge of our staff to give you a first class job. A few decades ago we started in Spain with a lot of dedication and energy, and today we are at the forefront of modern design, demonstrating the versatility that these structures have for your home or business and the efficiency in their installation, doing it in record time.


What types of corner chimneys are there?


  • The first type is the classic wood-burning corner fireplace, usually used in homes and in some cases in the hotel industry. It is really interesting to have them, they occupy very little space, and can be complemented with benches or metal supports to deposit the wood. The structure is achieved quickly, few materials and really changes how you see the room of your house or installation, especially in winter, where they give that touch of home. Even more if the decorative elements are of warm colors, with much wood and the traditional armchairs to enjoy the heat.


  • Designer corner fireplaces are also widely used, and are usually the ones that take the most painstaking work. We are talking about avant-garde elements, which must go hand in hand with the trends and the decoration of the rest of the home. In this classification we see colours such as black, orange and salmon, placed in rooms that contrast the tones and where the centre of attention of the room is the fireplace.


  • Corner fireplaces for living rooms are usually a little bigger, always according to the customer’s expectations. The most striking aspect is that wood-burning fireplaces can be used, or converted to Bio-ethanol depending on the type of atmosphere the customer wishes to give.


Finally, our DAE team also deals with small corner chimneys. They take up very little space without losing performance and functionality. They are usually installed in homes that have little space or in large spaces that do not want to give a very important role to the fireplace, but do not want to lose that cozy home touch.


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